Singapore Society

The University of Nottingham Singapore Society (UoNSS) was set up as an independent society to provide a greater support network for Singaporean students in The University of Nottingham.

Our main aim is to serve as a nucleus for Singaporeans, keeping the Singaporean identity strong and intact while being exposed to a wholly new cultural environment. UoNSS strives to foster a greater sense of belonging to the society and Singapore by organising events such as the Nottingham Winter Games, trips to various cities in the UK, Christmas dinners, Chinese New Year reunion dinners and more. We also organise regular gatherings for juniors and seniors to get to know one another, keeping up the good practice of passing advice to those who need it most.

Our mission includes providing assistance and support to Singaporean students entering the University of Nottingham in the UK. Past practices have included preparing a pre-departure booklet advising on necessary emigration, visa and university application issues, working in tandem with the Singapore liaison officer at the University’s international office to provide avenues for interaction and more. Whether it be offering them guidance as they settle the necessary administrative matters, or simply offering them advice and encouragement as they embark on their journeys, we hope to be able to ease them and prepare them adequately for life in the University away from home. 

The Singapore Society also works closely with many of the other cultural societies in Nottingham, often holding joint events with them, allowing members to be able to share their own unique culture with students of other nationalities. Though our primary focus is on Singaporeans, we warmly welcome students from other countries and cultures as well. We currently have over 120 members from many different countries – including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Spain and the UK.

For more information regarding Singaporeans studying in the UK please refer to the section below titled Overseas Support


Overseas Support

The United Kingdom Singapore Students' Council

The UKSSC is run by students, for students. It continually strives to raise the profile of Singaporean students studying in the UK through a series of practical and relevant initiatives, and to foster a sense of solidarity amongst the student community as a whole.

The Overseas Singaporean Unit

The Overseas Singaporean Unit plans and coordinate multi agency programmes and initiatives to engage the Overseas Singaporean community. The OSU provides information and facilitative services to overseas Singaporeans. They are also the interface between overseas Singaporean and Singapore based companies with operations overseas. The OSU hopes to create a "home away from home" as a channel for overseas Singaporeans to network amongst themselves as well as back in Singapore.

Contact Singapore

Contact Singapore is an alliance of the Singapore Economic Development Board and Ministry of Manpower. It aims to attract global talent to work, invest and live in Singapore. With offices worldwide, Contact Singapore attracts those who wish to pursue a rewarding career in Singapore. They actively link Singapore-based employers with global talent and provide updates on career opportunities and industry developments in Singapore.



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General Secretary
Jun Chen Annie Lee
Ashley Soo
Publicity Secretary
Adino Tirtakusuma
Social Secretary
Cheryl Liew
Sports Secretary
Zhuo Yan Isaac Tay
Kai Wen Chew
Ashvin Suresh
Vice President
Jun Yi Kang
Welfare Officer
Nirmal Gokani