Sikh society is a relaxed and friendly society open to all and we encourage anyone and everyone to join.

Alongside helping members to learn about the Sikh religion, the society aims to bring together members through the variety of social, religious and sporting events organised throughout the year such as paintballing, go karting, football, netball, talks, dicussion and meditation.

The society aims to contribute to the community through Guru Nanak's Mission (a charity group who conduct a homeless feed) every Thursday.

In 2015 we held the very first Langar on Campus, an event that we will be now holding annually. The event constantly proces to be a great success and this year we hope to make it even better, however, we will not be able to do that without the help of our members! Another major annual event is Kirtan on Campus in which kirtanis from across the UK come onto campus to sing - it is also a great social evening with free food and an amazing atmosphere!

Sports is a major part of the society, especially the boys football team, so make sure to get in touch and become a part of the (so far) undefeated team!

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Marc Holt
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Saraj Singh Bolla
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Harneet Kaur Bassi
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