Science Fiction, Fantasy & Anime Society

About the Society

  • We are the university's resident society dedicated to bringing together those fortunate souls with a shared interest in science fiction, fantasy, anime or all of the above. The University of Nottingham Science Fiction, Fantasy & Anime Society (SFFAS) exists to provide its members with a steady and nourishing flow of films and TV series, old and new, and to cater likewise for those with more literary tastes with its expansive library, a catalogue of which is coming soon. We also produce some content of our own!
  • Whether you're a sci-fi buff, immersed in worlds of high fantasy, a seasoned otaku newtype, all of the above or just looking to try something new, we encourage you to come along!

What do we do?

  • Anime Nights every Monday evening

Vote on a selection of anime to watch brought in by our members. We vote on a series to watch at least one episode of each week (the 'set series'), and then vote on what else we watch on an individual basis each week. We can only watch what people bring in, so please bring along anything you like! (Legal DVD, blu-ray or stream). Sessions start at 7pm, with voting beginning at 7:20pm.

  • Sci-Fi and Fantasy Nights every Wednesday evening

Vote on a selection of sci-fi / fantasy films and TV series brought in by our members (or available legally for streaming). Similar to Anime Nights, vote each week for which series of film you'd like to watch! Sessions start at 7pm, with voting beginning at 7:30pm.

  • Geekvents (selected Friday or Saturday evenings)
Just in case weekly Monday and Wednesday meets aren't enough, we run a wide variety of cool events throughout the year as well. Join us for such delights as the annual quiz, workshops, a geeky tour of Nottingham, the Halloween event, cinema trips, a trip to the MCM expo in London, author talks, and much more!


We keep our members updated with what's going on mainly via regular updates to our active Facebook page and via email. We also have a website, but this is planned to be replaced with a newer one sometime this year, and so may not be kept 100% up to date.




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Anime Representative
Fallon Leigh Smith
Communications Officer
James Cameron Thackway
Development Co-ordinator
Meg Buckingham
Matthew James Thomas
Alastair James Davis
Science Fiction Representative
Finn Sheridan
Social Secretary
Jack Howarth
Graham William Smith