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Are you Russian? Do you speak Russian? Or do you just feel like being a bit more Russian or have an interest in our language and culture? Or maybe you are from a post-Soviet state? We bring together Russian and Russian-speaking students, those studying Russian and everyone who has an interest in Russian language and culture.

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Our society has organised weekly speaking and writing lessons led by native speakers for students who are learning Russian at the University. No matter which level of Russian you are currently speaking you should come along to these lessons to improve Russian or to ask us any questions about our language! We are very friendly and we are always impressed when students are learning Russian! And its always a good practice for language learners to socialize with native speakers in an informal environment. 

We are a part of a British league for Chto? Gde? Kogda? (What? Where? When?). This is an intellectual team game well-known in a Russian media. Our society has travelled to Cambridge and London to compete against other university teams and we are among the top teams in the UK. We practice weekly and welcome anyone to join us. It's fun, it's tough, it's engaging!!  (come along to any practice sessions to try it out if you have never played before)

You can find out more about the game here:

Last year we have started our lecture series 'Break the Stereotypes'. These lectures are hosted at our university and we invite guest speakers from our university and from all over the UK. The lectures are in English and are followed by a free buffet and a bit less formal discussion. The topics have included Russian politics, history and culture and the lectures have been extremely interesting and enlightening, yet open for a debate!

What other things do we do? Various social events to bring us all together! To just list a few: movie nights (Russian movies with subtitles), bowling, travelling, sport days, picnics, parties, ice-skating, and many more! Many of us formed solid long-lasting frienships here which made us enjoy our time at the university at its fullest. 

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We are a very fun and welcoming bunch of Russian-speakers!

Hope to see you all soon at our events ;)





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Jiacheng Zhang
Maxim Dossimbekov
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Leo Tomsons