Role-Playing and Wargames Society

2017-18 Update: rooms will be changed as soon as advised: we do not expect to be in the same rooms in Portland for all sessions.

What is LARP? When is wargames? How do I attend pen&paper session?  Hopefully this page will answer all your questions.

Live-Action Role-Playing (LARP)
Fortnightly-ish Saturdays, 18:30, Portland Steps: full-combat sessions
Starts Saturday 6th October
The remaining Saturdays, 19:00, Portland Steps: weapons practice (TBC)
Fortnightly-ish Tuesdays, 19:00, Portland A4 LASS: non-combat sessions
Starts Tuesday 9th October
Wednesdays 14:00, Portland steps (lakeside): weapons practice

Probably our most iconic event. Get dressed up and play a character: it's a bit like acting, improv and dress-up all in one fantasy setting.  On Saturdays you'll be able to beat each other up with foam swords (safely), on Tuesdays you can practice your roleplaying and perform rituals etc. in order to improve your character.  The weapons practice sessions are out-of-character sessions where you don't need to dress up but you can learn how to use the specialist weapons safely and effectively. 

Tabletop Roleplaying/Pen&Paper Roleplaying Games
Fortnightly-ish non-LARP Tuesdays, 19:00, Room TBA: GM clinic
Starts Tuesday tba
Thursdays 19:00, A4 LASS (and then assigned rooms):

Dungeons & Dragons, only not just that and so much more.  If you want to try a new system or are dying to run something you've had fermenting for years, get in touch and we'll try and help out.  We run our regular campaign nights on Thursdays with oneshots on the first weeks of each semester. If you miss the campaign sign-up sessions, let us know and we'll see what we can do to help. If you want to run a game not on Thursdays, get in contact and we can sort out rooms and things. We also have a massive library so check out our GoogleDrive for details.

GM clinic is a come-when-you-want session where we will aim to show you tricks and tips of being a Game Master. The first session will be about world-building.

Sundays 14:00, Portland room tba:

Sunday is our longest session, where you will find a large selection of things to try out.  We have a solid core of boardgamers who will be happy to teach you a variety of boardgames and card-based games: we have an extensive library of games from quick-and-easy family games to more extensive full-simulation games.  Feel free to bring your own games for people to try too.

This year we will definitely be running a Necromunda campaign, but other wargames will run  if there are people to play them. It's really hard to run wargames without players though so if there's something you're desperate to try, get in contact and we'll try and advise you what to do :)  You can also bring models and/or paint for a social afternoon of crafting.  While we cannot supply materials etc. we do supply cutting boards and table protection.

Our cardgamers are mostly Magic: the Gathering players, but we've also seen Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh! and living card games such as Lord of the Rings played in recent sessions.  We can usually accomodate beginners as we have decks for many of these games so get in touch if you need any help.

Social Events, Outings, Competitions Etc.
Various times/places: see email, Facebook etc.

Outside of our weekly sessions we run a range of social etc. events from simple trips down the pub to a full LARP weekend. See publicity for details.



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