Role-Playing and Wargames Society

President: Kieran Hogan

Hi, I am a 2nd year student who joined RPGsoc with no real experience. Since that I have tired all the various things the society does. I mainly do larp and satt but know a bit about all of the activies that go on. Feel free to contact me and ask about what we do I will always be happy to talk. 

Treasurer: Lucy Victoria Peters

Hi, i am a 3rd year medicine student who has been a member of RPG soc for some time.  I take part in Larp and SATT for the most part.

General Secretary: Robert Michael Smith

Hi, I'm Robert, a second year maths student. When I'm not playing rpgs or duel wielding larp swords, I'm keeping the society running behind the scenes. I handle most of the admin and formfilling, and generally act as Kieran's back up.

Social Secretary: Declan Grogan

Hi, i am a 2rd year chemistry student who only joined RPGSoc last year. I take part in Larp and SATT for the most part.

Games Rep: Benjamin Simpson

Hi, i am a 2rd year bio / chem student who only joined RPGSoc last year.  I really enjoy keyforge and warhammer in all forms. I plan to run many things this year.

LARP (Live-Action Roleplaying) Rep: Matthew Overton

Hi, I'm Matt, I'm a 2nd year Physics student who joined the society at the beginging of 1st year. As the LARP rep I am here to help you hit people with foam weapons and shout at the gods for magical powers, all while being a part of a cool story.

(They/Them pronouns)

SATT (tabletop roleplaying) Rep: Andrew Massey

Hi, i am a 4th year student who has been with RPGSoc for some time. My passion lies in SATT games gming is fun and i will help you if you want to improve (come to GM Forge!!).



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