Renewable Energy Society



Welcome to the Renewable Energy Society!

Our aim is to gather students - like you! - who are interested in the energy field and share the same interest in renewable energy technologies that are growing rapidly day-by-day!

Membership costs just £3 and gives you discounts on all of our trips and workshops!

Being a member of this society will also give you a chance to broaden your networking opportunities with the industry, academic leaders in the various renewable energy fields.

This year we hope to organise insightful and educational lectures with various experts, trips to a range of energy power plants across the UK, as well as hands-on workshops where members can build their own Solar PVs and phone chargers!

Trips will include Creative Energies Homes, Hockerton Housing Trip, Trent Basin Project SCENe, RAD Energy Research Building and many more!

Socials such as discussion nights, movie nights and even nights out means you are guranteed to have fun with us!

Thats not all! With plans to implement a newsletter which YOU can contribute to means that your CV will be given the boost it needs!



We welcome all ideas, just pop a message to us and we will consider it and try out level best to make it happen! Our events are aimed to Boost your CV and meet like-minded people from across all 3 campuses.
We hope to see you in our coming event! 





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