PunkSoc is all about the alternative music scene, all forms of Punk (from classic to post to pop), Hardcore, Emo and more! We're a friendly group of people who enjoy going to and hosting gigs. Expect Punk pizza, regular gigs, bar crawls and socials with other music societies.
We offer a meeting point for people with the same taste in music so you don’t have to worry about going to any gigs or alternative nights out by yourself, there will always be someone else who likes your music (see below).
If you have any questions or just wish to get to know us go to the Facebook page or group, and if you have any questions then feel free to send us a message.
Whether you’re just starting at Nottingham this year or you are a returning student looking for a new experience with some fantastic people, join up today!
Discounts 2019/2020
  • Rock City: £3 entry to Tuned (Thursday), £1 entry to Get Lucky (Friday) and Rebel Rebel (Saturday)
  • Phlebas: Extended Guestilst (£2 with guestlist until midnight)
  • Rough Trade: 25% off drinks at the bar
  • Foremans: discounted cans
  • Tap 'n' Tumbler: free jukebox credits at punk pizza
Standard Events:
  • Fortnightly Punk Pizza. Meet in Tap n' Tumbler for a chill evening of chatting and (optionally) drinking. £3 for pizza
  • At least two PunkSoc gigs per term
  • Bar crawls
  • And of course going to gigs!
If you're looking for gig buddies, we've got a list of upcoming gigs (ranging from arena to tiny DIY shows) - feel free to add any shows you're going to and put your name down so that other people can find you!



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Anarcho (Social) Secretary
Megan Louise Carter
James Marsden
Gig Secretary
Katie Leicester
Ross Shaw
Publicity Officer
Samuel Jasper John Christelow
Madeleine Hames
Welfare Officer
Serena Chi-Yan Pun