Public Speaking Society


President: Asante Ntata

After being in the society for a year now, I can confidently say that I no longer show as much shyness, as much nervousness or as much fear as I used to before joining. It’s not that I do not feel these things any more. Believe me, I definitely still do. But I have learnt to control them through some of the things we learn in the society. 

The committee and I will hold weekly sessions which provide a friendly, fun and lively environment where you can reach your full potential as a public speaker as well as meet people who are also on the same journey as you.

Vice President: Joél Thika

There I was, in front of an audience, hands shaking and butterflies at it again. Most of what I spent time memorising was completely gone. After that experience, I decided public speaking was not for me. 

What I've just described is what many go through, including myself. However, that's exactly why this society exists. Whether you're a beginner or advanced, I'll be using my personal experience to give you advice on how you can overcome certain weaknesses. 

I'm in Second Year studying French and Politics and I hope to have a role within government some day. I enjoy empowering others into their potential so I'll definitely be doing that in many speeches. See you all this year!

Training Co-Ordinator: Tarek Jammali

Spontaneous, natural, fun. Three things that should define interaction.

Tying general social skills with public speaking, i believe building confidence and awareness to be the most important part of communication. 

As your training coordinator, i intend to emphasise the transferability of Public Speaking skills, whilst supporting you each individually through your own personal journey of improvement.



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Asante Ntata
Training Co-ordinator
Mohamed Tarek Jammali
Ewelina Maria Kaminska
Joel Thika