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The Howard League for Penal Reform runs a huge variety of events including: guest speeches from ex-prisoners and criminal justice professionals, topical and engaging debates and panel events, trips to high-security prisons and Young Offenders Institutes and National Howard League events in London featuring leadership training and speeches on the most topical criminal justice issues facing the UK.

The project is affiliated with the Howard League Organisation, which acts as a campaigns/activist group, charity and legal player for all things related to crime, criminal justice and the prison system in the UK.


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Co-Heads of Aspire
Al-Imaan Chowdhury
Zakiya Patel
Co-Heads of OutLAW
Ian James Chu
Anagha Vinod Jadhav
Co-Heads of the Howard League for Penal Reform
Megan Saskia Firth
Hannah Faith McGreevy
Co-Heads of Unbarred
Kadell Zacharia Joshua Grey
Fatimah Khawaja
First Year Representative
Lauren Hawkins
Fundraising Representative
Abigail Lynch
General Secretary
Alita Anil
Head of A2J
Alejandra Rodriguez De La Sierra Galofre
Head of Junior Lawyers Against Poverty
Osamamen Efosa Divine Osa-Idahosa
Head of Negotiations
Ryan Damasus Ng
Head of Streetlaw
Hannah Alice Harrison
Reiss Morrison
Sustainability Officer
Francesca Cole
Azaria Heng
Vice President
Aled Rhys McNeile