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As the official and nominated BEST SOCIETY ON CAMPUS, the University of Nottingham Pro Bono Society gives you the chance to volunteer in lots of different ways. Whether you fancy volunteering in local schools, completing Personal Support Unit work, or even visiting prisons to offer advice to prisoners, we've got it covered! 



Students at the University of Nottingham can join the Pro Bono Society for only £1 a year (link on the right). This gives you access to all the events our projects host. 

Our Teamup Calendar ( lets you know what events, trips, etc. are going on and when. It informs you of how to apply and the training you will receive (if required). You then simply apply for the project event(s) you fancy and, if selected, turn up! There is no requirement to do anything specifically; it's all your choice.

Our Society does not meet with members (besides at AGMs) on a regular basis because we are always in contact with each other throughout the year at our events.

The 'Our Projects' tab gives a detailed description of each of the eight projects we run. Our 'Meet the Committee' tab will tell you who is helping to run the Committee this year and who is the right person to turn to for advice on a particular area!

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Co-Heads of Aspire
Al-Imaan Chowdhury
Zakiya Patel
Co-Heads of OutLAW
Ian James Chu
Anagha Vinod Jadhav
Co-Heads of the Howard League for Penal Reform
Megan Saskia Firth
Hannah Faith McGreevy
Co-Heads of Unbarred
Kadell Zacharia Joshua Grey
Fatimah Khawaja
First Year Representative
Lauren Hawkins
Fundraising Representative
Abigail Lynch
General Secretary
Alita Anil
Head of A2J
Alejandra Rodriguez De La Sierra Galofre
Head of Junior Lawyers Against Poverty
Osamamen Efosa Divine Osa-Idahosa
Head of Negotiations
Ryan Damasus Ng
Head of Streetlaw
Hannah Alice Harrison
Reiss Morrison
Sustainability Officer
Francesca Cole
Azaria Heng
Vice President
Aled Rhys McNeile