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As the UoN PPE Society, our aim is to bring together all students studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics either together as PPE or seperately, as well as students who are interested in any of the disciplines, including their intersection. So you do not necesarily need to be studying any of these subjects to join!

We are a brand new society and plan to host a number of socials and events, inlcluding bar crawls, a PPE mentoring scheme and host-speaker events related to our members interests. We will also act as a PPE forum to answer any questions or help deal with any issues that may arise during your time at university, be it educational or social.

Ensure you sign up to recieve regular updates regarding the PPE Society, meet fellow students studying the same disciplines and shape the direction of your society and your university experience.

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General Secretary
Grace Elizabeth Whitaker
Frederick Wernham
Social Secretary
Damisi Ajamajebi
Hilda Elaine Efua Ananaa Koranteng
Natasha Marlene Burns