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Zdjecie uzytkownika Alexander Kalisz.

Hi Everyone,

we are the Polish Society, and don’t let the name of our group mislead you –– one doesn’t have to be Polish, nor know the Polish language, nor even have ever visited Poland to become one of us. All that is required is friendliness, openness and the ability to not only tolerate, but also embrace different to one’s own cultures, opinions and world views. Needless to say, most of our members either are Polish or have some affiliation with Poland –– usually via a Polish friend or significant other, a fond memory of some Summer spent in Krakow or being especially fond of our national beveridge (yes, you guessed it). It is equally obvious that most of our meetings have a smidgen of Polish-ness; it can be the music that’s playing, the movie we’re watching or the food we’re sharing. However, that doesn’t change the fact that what we most importantly are is a group of friends having a good time. So no matter where you come from, join us at the next of our monthly socials and become one of us!

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Antoni Gawel
Secretary General
Laura Miketa
Jakub Konrad Kolek