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Welcome to Physsoc

We are PhysSoc - The University of Nottingham's physics society. We're one of the largest and most active societies at UoN and the biggest and most active physics society in the UK. We aim to make sure your time here in Nottingham is the best it can possibly be by running a huge range of events, projects (like the recent launch of our space-balloon), trips (local and international), skills sessions, socials, rocket building and launching, sports teams, telescope training sessions, public outreach, careers & employability events, and more. 

You can see what we've got coming up and what we did last year here.

To keep up to date with eveything PhysSoc you can follow our social media pages or contact us here:


Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/NottinghamPhysSoc

Twitter @PhysSocNotts: www.twitter.com/PhysSocNotts

Email: PhysSoc@mail.com


A wide range of socials will take place this year to give you a chance to get away from your studies and relax with your fellow physicists. From bar crawls to boat parties, films nights to club nights, a trip to a big indoor play area with the year ending on a whole department end of term BBQ, there's something for everyone to enjoy. 

More info about all events can be found on the PhysSoc Nottingham facebook page


PhysSoc will give you the opportunity to visit some of the most interesting physics projects and facilities around the world. We will be continuing to run our award winning annual 3-day trip to CERN in Geneva at Easter.

During the CERN trip we will spend one day spent visiting one of the most talked about places in the world of physics and another day looking around one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. We will also be running a 3-day trip to Amsterdam this December to visit the European Space Agency!

PhysSoc are also planning a number of day and weekend trips throughout the year.


Sport has been one of the society’s greatest successes in recent years and we hope this year won’t be any different. We will be running football, hockey, netball and rugby again as they have proved to be hugely popular among our members in the past years. If none of those sports take your fancy, feel free to suggest to the committee any sports you’d like to see the society do and we will try and generate enough interest in order to start up a team. Everyone is welcome to join us regardless of their level of interest and ability. To find out more about sports check out our sports facebook page: 


We are also co-hosting this years Battle of the Boffins dodgeball tournament! This is a charity event against 8 science societies at UoN and is already proving popular! Find out more about it here.  


If you have always been a keen star gazer or you would like to learn more about astronomy then PhysSoc is here to help. We will be organising a number of events throughout the year where we will be observing astronomical events with the naked eye or with the School of Physics telescope. We will be providing free training sessions on how to use the telescope and details of these training sessions will be available later this year. Once you have been telescope trained you are able to use the undergraduate telescopes in your own time.


A number of lecturers from the School of Physics and outside speakers will be giving a variety of talks throughout the year on a wide range of physics topics and how they became involved in the work they do.  As an added bonus, we always provide free refreshments after the lecture, and a chance to talk to the lecturer.



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Physsoc Science Ball 2017 (PhysSoc)
1st April 6pm - 1am
Las Vegas. The city of lights. A place of freedom, where anyone can be anything and the streets are your playground. What more can we want than the liberty to be our true selves? Oh, do we have a treat for you...
Physsoc CERN Trip 2017
11th June 6am - 14th June 11pm
Geneva, Switzerland
Hey PhysSoc! Our award-winning CERN trip is back! We'll be leaving early morning June 11th, and arriving back late on June 14th. Provided: travel to and from London Gatwick airport, flights, 3 nights stay in a hostel, and a 3-hour tour around CERN.
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General Secretary
Josephine Ernesta Melton
Media Secretary
David Huw Payne
Mentoring Exec
Jake Lester
Caroline Claire Richardson
Andrew O'Hara
Caroline Claire Richardson
Publicity Secretary
Steven Charles-Mindoza
Social Secretary
Sophie Houten
Joseph Matthew Welham
Sports Secretary
Caitlin Louise Hardie
Telescope & Astro Sec
Kelly de Vos
Georgina Grace Elizabeth Pitts
Trips Secretary
Molly Rhodes
Vice President
Jake Lester