What is PhabSoc?

Phabsoc is a student led charity that takes children and young adults with disabilities on fun and exciting day trips. We organise a diverse programme of activities with the end of goal of empowering these young people and focussing on their abilities rather than their disabilities. Our sessions range from on campus sports and arts and crafts events, to off-campus day trips to exciting destinations such as Harry Potter Studio Tour, Alton Towers, Mills Adventure Base, Museums and many more. We pride ourselves on the fact that we give attentive care on a one to one basis. Providing children with such care gives them the opportunity to enjoy activities that they may not otherwise get the chance to do. This is an incredibly rewarding society for students looking to get something different out of their university experience.
When are the trips held?.
8 Phab trips are held on Sundays throughout the academic year. As a member you will receive an email inviting you to sign up 2 weeks before each trip.

Are prior experience and/or qualifications necessary?

No. PhabSoc will provide all volunteers with comprehensive training in how to
deal with the various conditions which they may encounter whilst caring for our
participants. We will also provide basic First Aid training and you are requied to complete a DBS form with us, free of charge.
What level of commitment is required from volunteers?
It is up to you as volunteers to decide how much you want to get involved with Phabsoc.
Phabsoc is very casual, you can come to as many or as little trips as you would like throughout the year.
How do you join?
You can join PhabSoc at Freshers’ Fair or by clicking 'add to basket' under the information tab on this page!
Join our facebook group to be kept up to date with everything.
Your Committee: We look forward to welcoming you to Phab Soc and seeing you on our trips!




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PhabSoc PhabSoc West Midland Safari Park Trip
18th March 8:20am - 5:30pm
For our 6th trip of the year we will be visiting West Midland Safari Park where we will get to see penguins, hippos and sea lions, as well as the land of the living dinosaurs! Phab members can sign up by emailing the communications officer!
PhabSoc PhabSoc Mills Adventure Base Trip
29th April 9am - 5:30pm
For our 7th trip of the year we will be exploring Mills Adventure Base! We will have the opportunity to do some rock climbing, abseiling, katakanuing and much more! Phab members can sign up to this trip by responding to the trip email!
PhabSoc PhabSoc Alton Towers Trip
10th June 9am - 5:30pm
For the final trip of the year we will be going to Alton Towers! You can brave the new Wicker Man ride, travel the universe on Galatica, or plunge into Oblivion! Phab members can sign up to this by responding to the trip email!


Communications Officer
Catherine Rebecca Jones
Events Officer
Carmen Garcia
Gareth Whitfield
External Liaison Officer
Kimberley Rachel Saunders
Clara Oi Mei Wan
General Secretary
Leanna Smith
Amelia Lucy May Edmondes
Publicity Officer
Emma Alice Norma Jones
Social Secretary
Emily Charlotte Harris
Sponsorship Officer
Kathryn Starbuck
Shea Mellor
Rhys Mathew Jackson