Welcome to the Palestinian Society!

We are a student led Campaign group primarily concerned with spreading awareness about the struggle for self-determination, oppression and injustice that the Palestinian people face everyday.

We hope to begin showing solidarity and spreading awareness with a plethora of events ranging from informal discussions, film showings, hosting prominent speakers, fundraising, creating opportunities for cultural and academic exchanges between UoN and Palestine.

Our main principles include equality, freedom and the supremacy of no human being over another, therefore, we do not tolerate any form of Islamophobia or anti-Semitism.

This society is for everyone, regardless of faith, gender, background, colour or even political affiliation. We should all be united for freedom, justice, equality and an end to apartheid.

You just have to be human. 


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We look forward to meeting you all!





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Campaign Manager
Sasha Abaza
Development Co-ordinator
Constanza Marquez-Godoy
Event Officer
Layan Fouad Fayiz Hillo
General Secretary
Hamzah Shahid
Liason officer
Daisy Pound
Lara Nassar
Publicity Officer
Jessica Dunford
Irfan Chowdhury