Who Are We?

Hello and welcome to the UoN Oxfam Society!

The Oxfam Society was founded on campus at the beginning of 2011 as a way to raise awareness about - and get people involved in - the work of Oxfam as a development charity, both in the UK and abroad.

It's the enthusiastic students who make up our membership that drive Oxfam Society onward, through supporting of our events; campaigning to raise awareness and general spreading of the word.

As well as our campaigning and fundraising events, we hold regular socials. Last year these included a christmas meal, bowling and ice skating!

We are a STARS Gold Award society and welcome anyone and everyone to join us. You don’t need any volunteering experience, just enthusiasm and a smile!

Be sure to sign up (for only £1) to be kept in the loop with all our goings-on. Please also join the Facebook group, which will be the primary point of contact for the year, and follow us on Twitter.

Hopefully see you soon!

We are a member of the Environmental and Social Justice Network.

Social Media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/OxfamSocNotts/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OxfamSocNotts 




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Campaigns Officer
Bethany Victoria Shelton
General Secretary
Jordan Andrea Sanders
Junior Lawyers Against Poverty Coordinator
Libby Lan
Eloise Dunne
Tanaka Enesy Nyamande
Vice President
Jacob McKean