One Health Society

Welcome to the University of Nottingham's One Health Society!

We are a brand new society for 2017! We aim to raise the profile of the 'One Health' concept amongst students, and integrate those studying health care and biology related courses (medicine/veterinary/nursing/pharmacy/biosciences). 

What is 'One Health'?
Human health, animal health and the environment are all intrinsically linked, and the One Health concept aims to improve and develop an interdisciplinary approach in all aspects of health care. The aim of this is to improve and advance health care, public health and the well being of all species. 
The modern world sees many challenges in health care, and to truly provide a better future for all, a One Health approach where professions bring together their unique skills and knowledge, is needed.

What Do We Do?
We wanted to create a platform where students from different health care and scientific professions could come together to learn, explore and share ideas around the One Health concept. 
We will be hosting a series of talks across the year on a range of topics including antibiotic resistance, infectious disease, climate change, animals and public health and food production and the effects on people, animals and the environment.
We will also be running campaigns and fundraising events throughout the year.

Get Involved!
If you are interested in any of the above topics, are studying a biology or health care course, or are simply just intrigues, join our society, come along to our events and get stuck in! Follow us on social media to keep up to date with all things One Health and all our activities!



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