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The Nordic Society aims to provide a forum for people who are of Nordic heritage, or who are interested in the Nordic countries of Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Faroe Islands, to meet and share their experiences, language and culture.

We organise cultural events with the aim of bringing a taste of the Nordic life to you here in Nottingham. These events have included but are not limited to movie screenings, bar crawls with a Nordic twist, ice-skating, Abba & Lego-themed parties, and authentic Nordic Christmas Balls complete with traditional food and drink.

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We aim to provide a forum for people who are of Nordic heritage, or who are interested in the Nordic countries.

Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Norway and The Faroe Islands.



Nordic Soc Social Events 2015/2016

25.09 - Welcome Fair 10.00 am to 4.00 pm outside Portland at the Food Zone

September/October: Meet and greet (taster session)

October: Nordic Night

November: Absolute Meatball 

December: Christmas Baking 

December: Christmas Social ('Nissefest')

Nordic Soc Social Events 2014/15



28.09 - Meet and Greet 14.00

03.10 - Nordic Night 20.00

IKEA trip

"Absolut Meatball Party"

29.11 - Christmas Baking 

02.12 - Nordic Christmas Social



25.01 - Welcome back event at Mooch

09.02 - Nordic Dinner

27.02 - ABBA-night 

18.03 - Language Workshop

26.03 - Dinner at Annie's Burger Shack

17.05 - Norway's national day 

After exams - Midsummarfest 



Come and join us for some Nordic Fun!




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Emil Alex Selin
Social Secretary
Maya Dabor
Maxwell Rigden
Vice President
Selma Josephine Hedges