NatSci Soc

Natsci Sports!

NatSci sport is an awesome way to have fun, get fit and meet new people. The great thing is that it’s free to participate in, and EVERYONE is welcome (doesn’t matter if you’ve never played before!) NatSci takes part in a league called the IMS league, which is run by the university for all society and hall teams. This year games are either on a Saturday or Sunday depending on the sport and games are usually weekly- don't worry if you do not have the time to commit every week Natsci IMS is flexible and allows you to drop in and have a match with your friends when you have an afternoon to spare!

As a society, we currently have a female netball team, a male football. We cannot emphasise enough how you do not need to be the University equivalent of Jamie Vardy to play- anyone and everyone is welcome and encouraged to take part. 

If you have been convinced enough to play, please follow the links to the individual facebook groups for each sport where you will be updated with the fixtures and timings of each match.



Tom and Anna are our two Natsci Sports secretaries who are in charge of bringing Natsci to victory this year. So fingers crossed they can lead us to the top of the table for a chance to compete in the all important Tri-Campus games!

In addition to this, we work closely with the social secretarys to bring you special sporting events throughout the year. Keep your eye out for the highly anticipated girls vs boys netball match later this year!

Don't worry if none of these options are your sport, we can try and accomodate your needs. Is there a group of you who wish to set up an IMS Rugby team, for example? Get in touch and we'll see what we can do! Or are you alone in thinking you will excel at IMS volleyball? Get in touch with Greg or Maire and they can inform you on which of the Science societies offer that sport and how you can get involved for no charge to you!

To emphasise once again, all sports are open to anybody of any ability with no experienced required! So what are you waiting for?