Welcome to the Mature Students' Network

The Mature Students' Network (MSN) is a free to join student network.

The MSN has a dual function: firstly to act as a society for mature students, providing support, advice and guidance as well as offering a point of contact for any issues or queries you may have. We also organise a range of events and socials including family friendly events, smaller, quieter social gatherings, day trips and big nights out.

Our second function is as a part of the Students' Union. Becca is our Mature Students' Officer for this year, and as well as acting as 'President' of the MSN, she will work to campaign on your behalf, bringing issues directly affecting your student life and experience to the SU and voicing the concerns of the Mature Student population (which is at present approximately 10% of all undergraduate students!)

It may seem difficult sometimes to meet fellow mature students, but fear not! The MSN wants to provide a basis for meeting fellow like-minded students as well as improving your experience at the University of Nottingham. But for us to know what YOU want, what events you'd like to see, what things you'd like to change, what you need help/support with or whats going well, we need YOUR input! Contact us with ideas and suggestions, comments or queries.

We hope you have a brilliant time at Nottingham!

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Mature Students' Network



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General Secretary
Sarah Elizabeth Howson
Mature Students' Officer
Rebecca Louise Craven
Social Secretary
Qazi Waheed Ullah
Anouk Laan
Welfare Representative
Sonya King