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IMPORTANT NOTE: As of 05/02/2019, to prevent inbalance, we are putting a freeze on accepting male seeking female forms; if you send us a male seeking female form it may not be accepted, so if you're a male seeking female we therefore advise waiting to purchase a membership until the freeze lifts.

Society Summary:

When it comes to romance, the fact there’s over 30,000 students at the University of Nottingham is both fantastic and problematic news. It’s fantastic, because such a large pool of students almost guarantees that there’ll be at least one person with whom you’re romantically compatible. It’s problematic, however, because sifting through 29,999 people to try and discover the perfect 1 is a huge task to undertake all by yourself. Realistically, you would most likely need an entire team of devoted individuals to help you with that search. Luckily, Matchmaking Society is exactly that! 

Put simply, we want to bring together people who'd really get along but would otherwise never have an excuse to meet in the first place. We're just middle-men working against the forces of fate that keep otherwise compatible people apart. Allow us to introduce you to your person at Nottingham University!

Take a look at our Q&A below, it has all the information you'll need!

Society Activities include:
1. Monthly introductions between the members we have matched together (to be eligible for this you merely have to fill out a Dating Form and purchase our £2 membership, both are available on the right-hand side of this page) 
2. The occasional social event (this will be something like speed-dating, or some other fun event that you wouldn't get from any other Society)

Frequently Asked Questions Q&A:

This should cover any questions you may have about our society! If it doesn’t, email and we’ll get back to you with an answer.

Q: How does your dating system work?

A: In three steps:

1) Members fill out the Society’s Dating Form (download available on the right-hand side of this page).

2) They email their completed form to and buy a membership for the low low price of just £2 (membership purchasable on this Students’ Union page after signing in at the top).

3) Our committee use their form to see if they’re romantically compatible with somebody else in the Society. If they are we let both members know they have a potential date via their email. If both confirm they’re interested, and agree on the Society’s proposed time and location of the date, the date takes place. (Most dates will happen at Mooch bar on campus or other well-known venues)

Q: Is this basically just Channel 4’s First Dates show but for University of Nottingham Students?

A: Pretty much, yes, but we don’t film you.

Q: Can all sexual orientations use the Society?

A: Yes, anyone – straight, gay, bisexual, or other – can use the service in exactly the same way. We can help anyone find a partner by knowing their gender and the gender(s) they are seeking a relationship with. For example, let’s pretend a woman called Emma wants to meet someone. If Emma is straight, she puts down she is a female seeking a male. If Emma is gay, she puts down that she is a female seeking a female. If Emma is bisexual, she puts down that she is a female seeking a male or a female. No matter Emma’s sexuality, our form can help her find someone.

Q: How many dating members do you have in your system, what's the gender ratio?

A: As of our first term, we have over 250 dating members (and rising) looking to be matched. The gender split is roughly 60/40, and every kind of person is in that mix; from cheerleaders to quiz team members to stage performers and so on. So, there's definitely a good chance there's someone you'll like in there!

Q: Can I hear success stories/from people who have used the Society before?

A: Of course, here are some feedback quotes from our members who used our service in our first term:

"It’s a really good experience, the service that the matchmaking guys provide is great and it gives you a chance to meet someone that you’re probably very compatible with."
"Matchmaking Society brings people who are impossible to know each other if they didn’t join. Thanks!"
"Just pleased I no longer have to consider tinder and clubs as the only way of meeting someone – with the society it is far more effective, and far better tailored than any chance encounter may ever be."
"Matchmaking Society is a fantastic idea, and I’m very surprised that more universities don’t have something similar. I suspect a trend may be set..." 

Q: Has my Dating Form been accepted and added to your system?

A: We will always confirm to you via Email that your form has been added, so if we haven't confirmed your form's been accepted by the Saturday after you've sent the form in, please feel free to contact us and ask if we received it or there was an issue. We operate during term-time only, so if you send a form during the holiday wait until a week or so into term!

Q: How does the Society ensure the blind dates are safe?

A: Firstly, all members going on dates are Nottingham University Students; you can’t be catfished and lured into a trap. Secondly, all first-meetings between members occur in a public-space on Campus, and a member of the Matchmaking Society committee is also nearby at the start of the date. These precautions mean that, in the unlikely event your Date’s behaviour was inappropriate, you could easily get the attention of others and have the situation rectified safely.

Q: Why not just use Tinder or some other dating service?

A: We have many advantages over dating services like Tinder. Firstly, our system means you’ll only ever be matched with someone who is definitely a University of Nottingham student; this eliminates all risk of catfishing, and means you can realistically start a relationship together as your lives share this trait. Secondly, we match with both personality and physicality in mind. Thirdly, it’s more exciting to go on a blind date; all you know about your match is that a bunch of your fellow students think you’ll chime with them, the rest of the evening’s a mystery!

Q: If my date doesn’t work out, can I go on another?

A: Yes, just let us know via email and we’ll keep matching you until you find someone you can be happy with.

Q: Can I join your Committee?

A: We expand our Committee as our Dating membership increases. If you want to get involved, email us and we'll let you know how/when you can get involved with the team! 



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