Mahjong Society


The University of Nottingham Mah Jong Society (UNMJS) is a non-profit organization with no political or religious purpose. We organise Mahjong sessions where people of both experienced and inexperienced backgrounds can socialise and enjoy a great game.

Mahjong is a Chinese tile game that involves a combination of luck and strategy. The purpose of the organisation is to encourage, disseminate and coordinate the playing of mahjong in the University of Nottingham. Also we teach and spread knowledge of Mahjong. It is a society providing a platform where people can socialise whilst enjoying Mahjong. We promote the Mahjong game worldwide in order to enhance cultural exchange.
UNMJS organises Mahjong sessions every week and tournaments in the Spring semester. Our members can also enjoy exclusive offers and discounts in Nottingham with our membership card.

UNMJS received the following awards and nominations:

STARS Bronze Award 2009-2012

Nomination for Best Improved Society of the Year 2012-2013

Nomination for Best SU Homepage of the Year 2012-2013

We present to you your UNMJS Committee Members of 2016-2017:

President: Shaun Fong

Vice President: Wong Ming Hui

General Secretary: Yip Ho Lam

Treasurer: Beh Jack Wann

Social Secretary: Wu Ho Ling 

Publicity Officer: Wong Ho Yu






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