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Welcome to the University of Nottingham Medieval Combat Society


Why Medieval Combat?

Our activity is an attempt to bring the past to life by using reproduction weapons, tools, clothes and crafts. It's a way of trying to understand what life may have been like in a period of time far removed from our own. It is not only a very helpful source of alternative information for any academic studying the era, but also terrific fun. 

The University of Nottingham Medieval Combat Society gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in seven hundred years of history- from the Viking raids to the Norman invasion of 1066, the Crusades, the Barons' Revolts, to the Fifteenth Century Wars of the Roses.


What does the University of Nottingham Medieval Combat Society actually do?

Combat training-  Ever wanted to learn how to fight like a knight? This is where you will learn the art of medieval combat; mastering the sword, spear, axe, mace, hammer, really big stick, and other jagged, sizeable, and otherwise dangerous-looking implements. We train regularly by means of medieval melee combat, archery and drill to recreate historically authentic battles for both our and public enjoyment.

Historic Crafting - It's not all about the swords!
For the less blood-lusty amongst us, a focus on the crafts, occupations and tailoring of the medieval period is also practised, which helps bring to life our recreations of historical battles and encampments.

Teaching - We regularlarly help various on-campus departments to run historical workshops for members of the public and for visiting school groups. If you're interested in going into teaching then here is the perfect volunteering activity to gain experience.


Open to All

Whether you're thrilled at the prospect of swords or sewing, the lives of peasants or nobility, haberdashery or head-wounds- get involved!
You don’t need any kit to join in the fun. We provide you with all the necessary equipment and training, and you can even make some equipment yourself at our craft sessions.

If you're interested in the historical world and socialising with what can only be described as a very interesting set of characters with rather a unique sense of fun, or if you just want to try out the best violence on our side of Lenton - then drop by!




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