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The LGBT+ Network have several Welfare Officers who are available for contact if you have any problems at university or if you need someone to talk to. They are able to signpost relevant services provided by the University, Student Union and within Nottingham, and are also present at all of our events in case you're ever feeling overwhelmed or need some help. They will also gladly meet up with you in person if you would prefer face-to-face company rather than via messaging! 

You can contact our Welfare Officers by emailing or by messaging the Facebook page. 

All interactions with our Welfare Officers are always kept completely confidential.

(Disclaimer: Our Welfare Officers are student volunteers and are not trained professionals. They can provide a listening ear, but not any direct advice. If you are ever in a crisis or medical emergency, please contact the emergency services (999, or 0115 951 8888 for on-campus emergencies) or go to A&E.)


Useful Links

University of Nottingham Counselling Service

The University has a free counselling service that grants all students the opportunity to talk to a trained professional.

The Service also offers a variety of groups and workshops across the campuses (Uni Park, Jubilee and Sutton Bonington.) This semester dates are spread out across October and November – but if you miss a session and wanted to go, get in touch with the Service and see if they can work something out or have resources to send you.

You can contact the service via their website:

By calling +44 (0)115 951 3695, or by emailing

Notts LGBT+ Network


The Notts LGBT+ Network is a service set up to provide help and support to LGBT+ individuals in all matters including coming out, homo/bi/trans*phobia, sexual and mental well-being and many others. They can also help  the families of LGBT+ people who come out by providing advice and information.

They can be contacted by calling 0115 9348485 between 7:00pm and 9:15pm, texting 07481 344040, or by emailing



Nightline is a student-run confidential information and listening service. They are on duty between 19:00 and 08:00 during term time, and are there to offer advice to anyone, and about anything! They can help with welfare and healthcare issues, listen to you when all you need is someone to talk to, and are available 24/7 during exam times to help students through the dreaded exam stress! They can also provide taxi and takeaway numbers, and even all-night alcohol delivery details (not that we condone all-night drinking)! Remember: a problem shared is a problem halved. Nightline are there to help you, nothing is too small. They can be contacted by:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 01159 514985 (external) or 14985 (internal)
  • IM:
  • Website:

Pace Yourself UK

Resources on LGBT+ mental health and well-being. 


LGBT support specific to domestic abuse, harassment, and hate crime.

Broken Rainbow

UK based help for LGBT+ people in abusive relationships.


LGBT resources on coming out, etc.

GMFA - The Gay Men's Health Charity

Resource on Gay and Bi/Pan/Queer men's health.


Sexual Health

Website where you can check your eligibility for a free DIY HIV test kit. Site is trans+ inclusive.

Positive 21

Support group for HIV positive gay/bi/pan/etc. men.

National Aids Trust (NAT)


Sexual health clinic for trans+ and non-binary people.

Gendered Intelligence

Trans+ sexual health guides. Links to other resources.

Terrence Higgins Trust Sexual Health

HIV tests and information, sexual health guides for gay/bi/pan/etc. man, as well as trans* people.

The Health Shop

Drop-in sexual health and substance abuse center in Nottingham. LGBT+ friendly.


Free condoms, dams and lube in Nottingham.

You can also sign up for a C-card at Student Services on University Park Campus.


Mental Health

Pace Health

LGBT+ mental health support.

Mind Out

LGBT+ mental health support.

Student Minds Nottingham

Student-led mental health advocacy group. Runs fun events. Great at signposting towards mental health services.

NHS Nottingham Talking Therapies

List of talking therapies/counselling services in Nottingham covered by the NHS. These are free and you can self-refer. It's often possible to have your sessions over the phone.

Mental Health Advisory Service

Great team of support staff who can liaise between you and the university on mental health (or often general health) accommodations. You need to be referred by your tutor or GP.


Faith and Religion


LGBT+ Sikhs in the UK.


LGBT+ Muslim support group.


Information and support for LGBTI Vaishnavas and Hindus.

Rainbow Jews

Celebrating LGBT Jewish history and heritage in the UK.



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