Welcome to the University of Nottingham LGBT+ Students' Network!


The LGBT+ Network exists to represent all students studying at the University of Nottingham who do not conform to the heteronormative or cisnormative expectations of society (and therefore anyone who self-identifies as LGBT+). This also includes anyone who experiences any sort of homophobia, biphobia and/or transphobia!


- Membership -


Membership is completely free! You can obtain this by logging in and adding it to your basket which will allow you to attend our events, keep updated through our private mailing list and allow you to vote in any Network elections. Your position as a member will always be entirely confidential.


- The main three functions of the Network -


     1. To signpost the various welfare and outreach programs available at the University and in the wider Nottingham area 

     2. To run campaigns with the interests of the constituents of the Network in mind that defend and extend the rights of LGBT+ students

     3. To host social events and activities that are a way to meet like-minded people in a safe and accessible way


- Other opportunities in the Network -


      - If you’re a fan of the socials, we also organise away trips to other cities and their gay scenes, for instance, Birmingham and Manchester! This involves getting a coach up, going on a bar crawl in the gay villages and ending up in an LGBT+ friendly night club! 

     - If you're interested in volunteering, we work with Out in Education, a non-profit organisation which delivers workshops, lessons and assemblies focusing on inclusive education in primary and secondary schools with the aim to tackle homophobia/biphobia/transphobia from an early age.


If this sounds like something you’re interested in being a part of, get your membership and then connect with our social media platforms below!



     - Facebook Page

     - Main Facebook Group 

     - Private Facebook Group (see below)

     - Private Trans Voices Group (see below)

     - Private Alumni Group (see below)

     - Sutton Bonnington LGBT+ students

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/uonlgbt/
LGBT+ Officer Twitter: https://twitter.com/uonsu_lgbt 
Snapchat: uonlgbt


As well as having our public social media, we also have three private groups on Facebook which are invite-only. These groups contain the exact same information as the open group, but your friends and family who are linked on Facebook can’t see that you’re a part of it. If you would like to be a part of either of these three groups, please don’t hesitate to email either the LGBT+ Officer (Sam Hawkins, he/him) at sulgbtofficer@nottingham.ac.uk for the Private Facebook Group or Trans Voices Group. Please include a link to your Facebook account!

LGBT+ Students' Network



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