Lego Society


When was the last time you heard the satisfying click of two bricks coming together? The last time a shake of an unopened christmas present yielded the glorious cacophony of interlockable plastic construction cubes rattling in concert? The last time the torrent of pain raced up your leg to inform you of a brick lying in ambush?

Whether you’re a lifelong, the occasional bricker, or you sold your LEGO at a car boot sale many moons ago, LEGO Society is for you!

Welcome to LEGO Soc, we’re a small society who meet up once a week to build and chat about all things LEGO. With more LEGO than you can shake a stick at, there’s plenty to inspire you to build to whatever the week’s theme is, whether that be building and racing cars, or building the tallest tower. However, you’re also welcome to bring your own LEGO if you simply want to build a set in the company of others (do so at your own risk however, make sure you don’t mix your LEGO in with the society’s!)


The 2019/20 academic year is starting soon, and this year we’re hoping to do more than just build LEGO. These are some of the ideas that we have:

- Finding out some of the society’s LEGO Games sets and have some fun trying to interpret the rules while hopefully playing the game

- Making stop-motion films

- Watching some LEGO films that we have on DVD, although be warned that the more experienced members of the society have seen these many times and may go insane at another viewing

There are even unconfirmed rumours that the society may be considering the purchase of a console and LEGO videogames for all your gaming needs.


We'll be meeting weekly, in E41 in the Portland building on Thursdays from 7.30pm-9.30pm. In the meantime you can join us at to ask us any questions you may have.




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