Krishna Consciousness Society


What We Do


The philosophy of Krishna consciousness is diverse, youthful and applicable to every day life. Societies all around the UK, invite prestigious speakers to come down to their university and talk about real topics, including: habits, relationships, tips on studying. Topics that are apparent in our lives as students! It’s not all “talk” either! There are so many activities that you can get involved in, whether it be creating events filled with dancing, singing and eating. You can participate in service activities; painting, feeding homeless people, or even take part in productions. The society even does trips: To London Soho, at the Manor where you can milk cows or learn how to cook. There are even trips further a field, Europe, India! The opportunities are endless!


Why Spirituality?


Many people question how spirituality is applicable in today’s modern time? There are plenty of things out there (in the material world) that can feed the body and mind, but it is all temporary. Shoes, bags, clothes, money, cars, may provide you a moment of “fleeting” happiness, but these objects don’t stick around forever! They depreciate on the road, they get old, worn and dirty and we become detached to them over time. Their very nature cannot bring us everlasting happiness. Wouldn’t it just be great to be happy… forever? This philosophy gives us answers, explains to us how we can nourish the soul, as oppose to just the body and mind.


The Community


People often question the need to get connected to the Krishna consciousness society. Put it this way - investing an hour or two of your time every week whilst at University, to help broaden your horizons and potentially change your life, seems like a measly amount of time in comparison! Come along to the events; meet some incredible people who may just turn out to be friends for life! Get a fantastic membership kit, ask all the questions you may have locked away for so long and get involved! We would be honoured to have you!



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