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Who Are We?
Knit-A-Soc is a volunteer project celebrating all things knitting, crochet and cross-stitch. We meet weekly for Knit & Knatter sessions — simply bring your current project and get chatting! It’s a great place to meet like-minded crafty people, get help with your current project or just knit and relax!

We run regular charity drives where we encourage members to knit items to benefit the local community. Popular knits are premature baby hats and crochet comfort-octopuses for newborns at QMC, hats and scarves for homeless shelters and Twiddle Muffs which used to calm patients with Dementia or Alzheimer's by giving them something to do with their hands.

We give free yarn to members who are going to be knitting charity projects.


Beginners Lessons
Don’t worry if you can’t knit or crochet! As long as you’re willing to learn you are welcome to join our weekly Knit & Knatter sessions. An experienced knitter/crocheter will teach you everything you need to know to get started. Lessons are £1 and you can borrow yarn for the night. Alternatively, you can buy a Beginners Pack for £5 and this includes needles, yarn and a digital beginners guide.


We run our weekly Knit & Knatter on Thursdays, 7pm - 9pm in the Fishbowl in The Studio, in Portland.

We hold regular Yarn Crawls of the yarn shops in Beeston and Nottingham city centre, and we make yearly visits to the Nottingham Yarn Expo.