K-Pop Society

University of Nottingham K-Pop Society was affiliated and founded in 2019.

Hello, we are the K-pop Society and we welcome everyone to join if you are interested!

Over some time, we noticed that more people began to learn about K-pop and the Korean industry in general so through our society it would become easier to meet more people with the same interest.

Our monthly events consist of karaoke nights, guess the song, dance silhouette challenge, and other games that we will introduce on the day! We do have movie nights and k-drama screenings as well! If there’s also anything that you want us to incorporate, don’t hesitate to ask!

Please get in touch with any comments, concerns or feedback you might have. We’re all ears and we’ll listen!

 You can pay for your membership online underneath the information header as it only costs only £3 for the whole year or you can pay via the SU Box Office in the Portland Building.

Explore our social media to keep in contact with us and/or stay up to date with all of our events.

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University of Nottingham Kpop Society



We can't wait for you to join us xx



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General Secretary
Roma Marsh
Saejin Lee
Olabisi Sobowale