Jumpers for Goal Posts

Enjoy playing football?

Jumpers for Goal Posts is one of Nottingham University's largest and most sociable societies, which allows people of all abilities to come and play non-competitive, casual football.

We organise a two-hour long session every week, on the 3G football pitches at either the David Ross Sports Village (main campus) or Jubilee Sports Centre (Jubilee campus). The timing and location of the sessions will vary each week in order to accommodate members having different timetables. We usually play in the afternoon of weekdays, when the 3G pitches are available, and aim to host at least 28 sessions throughout the year!

A typical session involves you showing up, being put in a team and then playing several 7-a-side matches.

This year also sees the introduction of socials to the society, making it even easier to meet people and have a great time off the pitch. 

There is no commitment, just come to whichever sessions you want to. Stints of showboating are encouraged, however selfish play is not. We're all about getting everyone on the pitch involved. It really is all abilities so don't be put off if you're worried you might not be good enough; we're all there for a fun and friendly kickabout.

So, if you are interested in weekly kickabouts, meeting lots of other like-minded people and joining a society that is incredibly good value for money (only £10.00 for the year), Jumpers for Goal Posts is the perfect society for you! You do not have to buy gym membership to take part!

Once membership has been paid, please join the Facebook group (link below). The Facebook group is where we make all the annoucements of the time and location of our sessions, as well as other important information. 











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General Secretary
Theo Robert Paul Ellis
Sebastian Lewis
James Smith
Social Secretary
Thomas Stanley
Fraser Hayden Dixon
Vice President
Nelson Xavier Kanhirathingal