Jordanian Society



Who are we? 

We are an enthusiastic society that's willing to make all Jordanians feel at home! We'll help you settle in and meet all the other Jordanians. We also spread the Jordanian culture throughout the multi-national environment we live in here at UoN. 

What do we do?

We run socials for everyone on a regular basis. We hold traditional events, film screenings, Arabic lessons, sport events, charity events, and many many other surprises!

Not Jordanian?

Say no more! We are also extremely excited to have non-Jordanians on board too, we will passionately offer you a taste of our culture and traditions, just by joining! We have a ton of exciting activities planned for everyone, so stay tuned!

Our mission? 

To make your experience as part of the Jordanian Society an exceptional and unforgettable one! 


Our membership is just £3 for the WHOLE year. It gives you discounts on events and special discounts at our sponsored venues. 







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Sorry, there are no events at this time


Events Officer
Zeina Ammar Ali Krayim
Tawfiq Bassam Abu-Khajil
Publicity Officer
Nasma Ramzi Ali Tabbalat
Zaid Albess
Vice President
Zena Gammoh