Indian Society


Welcome to The University of Nottingham’s Indian Society!


Founded in 2011, the Indian Society is the largest and the most active India-focused society on campus. The society was established on the principles to provide support to fellow Indian students studying at The University of Nottingham and to showcase the Indian culture to the diverse student body on campus.


We, at the Indian Society, aim to promote Indian culture on campus and celebrate major festivals of India. We host and organize numerous events throughout the year including our iconic Bollywood nights, ringing in tunes from the 90s to the present day. With us, you are assured to spend a brilliant time at the University of Nottingham.


This new academic year 2019/20, we have a brand new enthusiastic and friendly committee working hard to bring you great events. Join us on our Facebook group here and like our page to get updates on what we’re up to! If you have any ideas for us, or simply want to get more involved in the society, just come and say Hi!


Do sign up for membership by clicking ‘Add to Basket’ for standard membership and have an unforgettable year with us as the Indian culture can always take a new flavor and we are always buzzing with ideas to spice up your lives!


If you have questions or need help with absolutely anything, you can always walk right up to any of us and we’d be glad to help you out!



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Vishal Kalra