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Who are we? 

Hope Soc is a volunteering and fundraising based society that aims to raise both awareness and funding for the international children's charity, HOPE For Children, whose mission is to provide every child with a childhood.

HOPE For Children operates in 9 countries - the UK, Ghana, India, the Philippines, Kenya, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Nepal. In all of these locations they work with local to ensure that children have access to quality education and healthcare. They also empower families to grow stronger and provide for themselves.

In 2016, some members of the team had the opportunity to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in the aid of HOPE For Children, and they were also lucky enough to see some of the work that the charity does first hand in Tanzania.

Out in Tanzania, HOPE For Children work with a local organisation called Amani, who work with street children, and in Moshi they run a drop-in centre and a residential programme where they motivate the children to leave the streets behind and start their childhood afresh. This programme offers safe shelter, counselling and the opportunity for the children to start their education. Also, after sustained liasion, they can reunite them with their extended families. What struck the volunteers who went to Moshi the most was just how happy the children were to be in safe environment, learning in a classroom. This is what HOPE For Children is all about, making sure children enjoy their childhoods. 

For more information about the charity and all of the amazing work that they do, check out their website:

What does the society do?

Hope Soc is the only student-run society in the UK raising money exclusively for HOPE for Children, making us one of a kind!

At the core of our values is innovation, we aim to think outside the box in creating initiatives that will encourage students to get involved in raising awareness and funds for the charity. 

Throughout the past year, we have hosted various themed bake and card sales and movie nights. We also attended HOPE For Children's 'Megaraid' in London, where we bucket-collected, and later on in the year we hosted our own bucket collection event in Nottingham. We also successfully ran our 'Climb Mount Everest' challenge in conjunction with the Rugby League and Climbing society. As a result of these events, we managed to raise a staggering £2,611.82 for HOPE for Children, and we aim to raise even more this year!

Part of our key philosophy is teamwork and everyone's ideas being listened to and valued. For that reason, our fundraising events are always focused around the ideas of our team. For the coming year, we plan to carry on with our regular small fundraising activities such as bake sales, attending bucket collections and we also want to run another big event of our own - for which we need your help!

A big part of being a member of a society at univeristy are the socials, and we have something for everyone. Last year alone we organised a club welcome drinks, a bar crawl, ending with a night out at CRISIS, ice skating, mini golf and film nights. For the coming year, we have set up an IMS netball team, it is a great way to make friends, have a laugh and exercise all at the same time. 

We hold meetings every two weeks in the Clive Granger building. Our first one is taking place on the 3rd October. Until then, look out for our stall at the Freshers Fair on the 24th-25th September in the DRSV, to find out more about all things HOPE!

Membership this year is just £3, so we HOPE to see you soon!

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