Hip Hop Society


We are a forum for the sharing of Hip Hop knowledge and common appreciation.
We are a platform for creativity. That includes fire mixtapes but we're also talking poetry, art and even fashion. 
We're also interested in Hip Hop culture. 
In what ways have perceptions of the Hip Hop genre influenced perceptions of you? - The clothes you wear, the places you feel comfortable, or uncomfortable, being, the way you are treated by figures of authority.
If you've got an opinion about Hip Hop's role in structural racism, crime, attitudes to sexuality and gender then get involved in our set piece debates and our weekly radio show. 
Hip Hop has rich cultural and musical roots which we intend to explore. It is a vibrant, fluid and explorative genre which we think has a massive impact on our attitudes within society. 
Want to find out more? Want to share an opinion? Want to express your creativity? Want to listen to good music? 
You've got one option: get involved. We're excited to have you on board.
Instagram: @uonhiphopsoc
Facebook: University of Nottingham Hip Hp Society




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General Secretary
Achuthan Baburaj
Moses Mutalaga
Social Secretary
Christopher Osagwu Rodriguez
Javahn Gordon