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Welcome to Hide and Soc, Nottingham's best and only children's games society!


We meet up weekly to play a whole plethora of different games. Fast games, slow games, loud games, quiet games. Whatever you really enjoyed playing as a child, we will play it at hide and soc!  Just take a look at the games list at the bottom of this page to get an idea. We are also up for playing any childhood games that you may have enjoyed that we haven't heard of, in order to enrich our repertoire of games. What better way to bond with your new (or old) colleagues than to run around and let off steam? We welcome all members of all abilities - don't be put off if you think some of it sounds too rough!


And whether or not you are a big fan of alcohol, you (and your major organs) are sure to find our style of socialising a very welcome break from the more 'traditional' events you may encounter as a student.

We are also a society rich with socials and special events. Last year we had birthday, halloween, christmas and easter specials, a pokemon movie night, a rainbow parachute and sports day. There's just so much going on!


Games are now held on Monday nights from 7:00 until 9:30
Come down and decide whether you're a hider, or a seeker...

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Games List



Ninja - Test your lightning reflexes! Can you target other people's hands without losing your own? Only the strongest of nerve will survive

Chain Tag - The classic tag game, but with a chain of people who are "it" getting bigger and bigger!

Tractors - Oo-arr! Fertiliser! Gedorf my land! It's showdown time at the farming collective, and things are getting a bit rowdy!

Hide and Seek - Winner of Hide and Soc's "game of the year" 5 years running!

Sardines - Turning Hide and Seek on its head, find the ever expanding tin of sardines or you'll be left in the briny deep!

Electric Chair - Ring a ring a rosies, a pocket full of BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT

Dead Drop - Mr Fofallis has hidden something in the room, it is vital that we find it, hmmmm, what's that over there??? AAAARGGGGHHH!!!

North East South West - Ahoy shipmates! Time to check you can remember yer coordinates from ship-school. But don't be too slow or you'll walk the plank! HAR HAR HAR!

Duck Duck Goose - Feel the tension escalate on every "duck", revel in the explosive chaos upon "goose"

Guess The Leader - A wave of activity ripples across the circle, but can you figure out who started it?

Dream Game - Secret game, to be explained in session

Wink Murder - Someone has harnessed the power of the wink for evil. Use your detective skills to find out who.

Paranoia Tag - It's tag, and you know who's "it", but can you really trust that innocent looking civilian behind you? maybe not...

Bench Ball - Two teams, two benches, one ball, one aim. (Note: Hide and Soc Bench Ball team's European tour dates still not confirmed)

Storks, Stakes and Stones - British Bulldog, but you don't know what team you're even on until the last second

Mafia - There are mafiosi in our midst! Pick up every clue, every look, every stumble, in a gripping, narrative driven game where nobody can be trusted.

Stuck in the Mud - Yay! Mud! Let's all run around! But help your friends out if they get stuck! Helping others is fun.

Shark Attack - You get to be any kind of fish you want! A colourful one, a small one, a starry one, just remember that ALL FISH MUST BEWARE SHARKS

Silent Charades - Charades is fun, but too easy. We at Hide and Soc do the professional thing - everyone must be silent, 10 differrent charades at once.

Goodies & Baddies - How skilled are you at controlling a balloon? More to the point, will you use your powers for good.... or for evil?

Tangle - Oh no! Our world record handshake attempt has gone horribly wrong! We must sort out this mess before our rivals claim the title!

Jazz Conductor - The best game there will ever be, no exceptions, no backing down.

Potato Hunt - Gather up as many potatoes as you can while blindfold and get them home safely. Yum! Potatoes!

Party Quirks - You're hosting a party, but all the guests seem a bit....peculiar.... I just cannot put my finger on it

Blind Man's Buff - Follow the claps while blindfolded, focus in on one and you will catch your clapping prey.

Infection - Escape the infection, get back to base without becoming infected, working in groups is helpful, but the infection can spread quicker.

Lava Sharks - Hop from tropical island to tropical island, in an area populated with murderous island-toppling lava sharks.

Anyone Who… - Anyone who... is scared of spiders! Anyone who... is wearing jeans! The game that combines running around with personal discovery.

40/40 - Get back to the base without being caught by the enemy! Or be the enemy and catch the horrible rebels I was just encouraging!

Flip The Kipper - A true test of strategy and skill. Build your fish, race it to the end, overcome the waves and currents and come in first plaice!

Chocolate and Dice - Scarf, gloves, great big dice. Eat some chocolate the way nature intended.

Crab Football - Imagine if crabs played football... Well thankfully this is no longer just a wonderful dream, it's now reality.

Rainbow Snakes – no explanation needed really

Egg, Chicken, Dinosaur – Hide and Soc's first educational game! helping to better understand the course of evolution!

What's the time Mr Wolf? - Sneak up on a frequently hungry wolf! How cool!




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Daytime Social Sec
Olivia Stafford
Elliot Nash
Robert Rivett
General Sec
Dylan Clark
Nighttime Social Sec
Elizabeth Elliott
Heather Louise Martin
Emily Ghose
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Christopher Harry Shaw