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What we do

  • Make things
  • Teach you how to make things
  • Travel to Hackathons to make more things


What we don't do

  • Hack computers

Who can join?


Anyone with little or no knowledge of programming, zero experience is required!


Got an idea that could work with some programming? Come along to share your idea, build your idea and get great things made!


Improve your skillset, meet other people like you and travel to Hackathons with friends.



This is an event, typically lasting several days, in which a large number of students/people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming. Many of our members secure summer internships and win prizes at these events.

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Our hackathon last year (HackNotts

Meat & potatoes of what we do

  • Host programming events for experts and complete beginners
  • Host tutorials and talks
  • Visit programming events (Hackathons)
  • Compete in programming competitions


We welcome all ability levels, from veteran to “Hello World!”. 

We run a variety of regular events, covering tutorials, themed hackathons, competitions and contests.

We regularly attend events across the country, such as and Space Apps.

We plan to host a variety of events, and welcome members of all skill levels and backgrounds. These events include:

  • Very active society with a wide range of socials. We run a 4 weekly schedule, with the theme changing every 4 weeks. The events in these four weeks include: Tutorials and talks, game development competitions, collaborative project sessions and special one off events.
  • Weekly programming practice, in which members can work through problems as teams to gain the skills necessary to represent the University in the national and international competitive programming competitions. 
  • Guest talks from well known hackers and developers, to provide crucial insight into the world of programming for a living


But why should I join?

  • The skills we develop are massively sought after in industry
  • A friendly, collaborative environment of people creating great things
  • The chance to travel to events nationally and internationally, meet new people, make new links and see new things




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Still not convinced?


The people behind it all!

Aaron Osher



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HackSoc Hacktoberfest Open Hack Day
11th October 6pm - 11:59pm
School of Computer Science
It's Hacktoberfest 2018! Let's celebrate open source over food, drinks, learning, and great company!
HackSoc HackNotts 2018
24th November 10am - 25th November 5pm
Computer Science, Jubilee Campus
HackNotts is the annual student hackathon run by HackSoc. Every year, over a hundred students travel to Nottingham and team up to learn, socialise and bring to life new and exciting ideas, winning prizes and expanding their skillsets in the process.


Aaron Osher