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Welcome to GameSoc !!

Welcome to the University of Nottingham's Video Game Society.

We play a wide array of games across a variety of platforms, from PC to Xbox, to PS4, every week of the academic year. We hold a weekly social where you can meet other like minded gamers!

Our weekly gaming night involves a large collection of games and consoles that you can come and have a go on, whether it's throwing some quick quips in Jackbox, a friendly round of Super Smash Bros, or blasting out some tunes in Rock Band.

We also run teams in the National University ESports League (NUEL), and the National Student ESports (NSE) for Overwatch, League of Legends, DotA, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and more! The NSE also has frequent fighting games tournament if thats more your style. These are great low pressure ways you can get your foot in the door in real ESports Leagues.

We also do a range of other social activities throughout the year, both related to video games (such as varsity tournaments against other universities) and unrelated to video games (such as our annual Christmas boat party). Everyone at the society has a love for video games, and no matter what your interest or skill level, you’re bound to find people who have similar interests.

If you're interested then join our Facebook page and our Discord server, and become a member for only £5 for the whole year.

We hope to see you soon!



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Equipment Officer
Harry Edward Burke
ESports Officer
Tom Sampson
Media Officer
Tchin Fran Marcus Law
Ethan Norman
Secretary General
Benjamin Ennifer
Social Secretary
Erica Chan
Patrick Thomas Wall