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Welcome to the French and German Society 2019/20!


Bienvenue and Willkommen to the French and German Society. We are one of the best departmental societies at the university and we are striving to enhance the university experience of everyone who studies French, German or has a passion for the languages and cultures of France and/or Germany. We celebrate all aspects of the French and German culture and offer a wide variety of socials in all shapes and sizes that everyone can enjoy.

Membership costs £4 for one year or £10 for three years! Dependent on availability and popularity, merchandise is available at a fantastic value to make sure you always remember your time with us!

***We have now finished all activities for the academic year and have really enjoyed our time as the 2018-19 committee! But we will be continuing in September when the 2019-20 committee takes over! Have a lovely summer! 

*We are in the process of handing over to the new committee. But in the meantime please direct any inquiries to Rajan Athwal, our new 2019-20 president who can be reached at:

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to drop the society president an email or contact us/ a committee member via our Facebook page 





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General Secretary
Talishya Shiquanae Ambersley
Rajan Athwal
Social Secretary
Emily Charlotte Collins
Janina Tuulikki Gleed