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Welcome to Folk Soc!

Folk Soc gives you the chance to explore both folk music and folk dance from a variety of cultures and eras. The main activities of the society are as follows but all up-to-date information for these will be posted on our facebook page.

MUSIC SESSION: The main event, we meet at The Johnson Arms pub fortnightly on a Sunday to play music with each other throughout the night. People bring their instruments if they have them, and if not we provide a selection of percussion so everyone can join in with the session. Traditional folk music from various cultures is what we normally play (Irish, Scottish, Medieval, Maritime, Jigs, Reels, Shanties, etc), but the sessions are relaxed and if you want to demonstrate your folky interpretation of the latest pop song, we'd be thrilled to hear it and join in. We try to bring sheet music and lyrics when possible so that others can take them home and learn, but if you know a few tunes in your head already, or can play by ear, then that's even better!

FOLK DANCE: We frequently advertise and attend local ceilidh dances in Nottingham and the surrounding area, as well as host our own ceilidh or two in the year. Ceilidhs are social dance parties where a 'caller' guides all the participants in each dance - no experience is needed and you don't have to bring your own partner.

There are also dance sessions every other week. This term, these will be held at The Studio, Portland Building on Sunday evenings. No partner or experience necessary and there will be opportunities to get involved with music for dancing and calling

The club tries to attend folk music/dance festivals wherever possible, particularly the Inter Varsity Folk Dance Festival, and its members can enjoy discounts to various local events.

Please like our page to to keep up to date with folk events and gigs around Nottingham and join our Facebook group to take part in the folk community discussions:!/groups/46633919766/



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