Cocktail and Flair Bartending Society



 Training Sessions:
 Tuesdays 6-7pm
 SU Hub
 Portland Building

Welcome to Cocktail and Flair Bartending Society

Flair bartending is the art of flipping, spinning, and balancing bottles and various bar tools. If you want to learn those moves that bartenders do so smoothly to entertain a crowd, or you just want to pour a drink with style, then come to FlairSoc!

Flairing is split between working and exhibition flair - the first speeds up a bartender's service and involves many low-risk moves that are built upon for the (much) higher-risk exhibition flairing. At FlairSoc, we teach both working and exhibition flair to our members, and provide all the necessary equipment (flair bottles, shaker tins, etc.), as well as a whole wealth of other materials such as DVDs and even FreePouring kits! For a bit more info about flair bartending, check out

Training is provided by the committee, but we encourage you to build upon this and be creative and innovative with the moves that you try! However, it's not all just about flairing - we also host mixologies, our weekly cocktail masterclasses. We take over a bar at Das Kino for hands-on, cocktail-making training and practice. Committee and members work together to lead the sessions, as well as exploring the fascinating histories, myths and legends surrounding your favourite cocktails!
We offer you the chance to learn unique skills and gain bar experience that will increase your employability. You will meet a range of individuals who have an enthusiasm for creativity and for making excellent cocktails. As the only one of its kind in the UK, FlairSoc is definitely a society worth trying out!
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