The University of Nottingham Film Making Society 

About us

We provide an informal environment where people can improve their filmmaking skills. These skills include writing and developing scripts, editing and cinematography.

To hone these skills, our members meet regularly on Monday evenings and take part in two-week projects, our bi-annual "24 Hour Challenge" and our "Big Picture" projects.

The society also works outside of the university environment, this includes working with clients and also the community. An Example of such is filming at Crisis, the largest student night out in Nottingham and also getting involved with our local film festival in Beeston.

We also organise a variety of socials from house parties to bowling nights and bar crawls!

How the society works 

Two-Week Projects 

Two-week projects are the meat of FMS. Each Monday evening at 7pm in room B03 in the Teaching and Learning building we meet and undertake an infamous two-week project.

On the first monday, our committee will present a theme to the society. This can range from being a genre like "action" to a more abstract prompt like "power", for example.

After this members get into teams and then use the remaining time is used to plan and script a short film.

The following Monday is then centred around filming the short film. These will then be edited by each team's editor in time to be shown at the end of the next Monday, where we start the process again with a new theme. Finally, those videos will hopefully also find their way onto our Facebook and Youtube pages!

Big Picture projects 

Sometimes you may want to tell a story that just can't fit into a 2 Week Project. For this, we have the "Big Picture" projects.

These projects require more planning and devotion and can run for a number of months, the result being longer films of much higher quality.

The first stage of creating a showpiece project is to attend pitch night, this is held on the 14th of October this year and updates and information will be found on our Facebook page. Pitch night involves members of the society pitching their ideas for a longer film to other members of the society and the committee. After the pitches, the committee will then select 2-3 of the films that they believe have the most potential to be produced into films over the course of the year.


Outside the society 

As an established society, FMS also offers its members the ability to use their skills outside the normal structure of the society. FMS members have the opportunity to help produce films and videos for a range of clients outside of the university environment, one such client being Rock City, where members of FMS regularly film Crisis on Wednesday night. Over the course of the year, we will also be working at making more connections with clients outside of the university to help improve the opportunities for our society members.

How to join 

For any students of the UoN with an interest in filmmaking, we would love you to become a member of FMS. Our society thrives as a result of our member's creativity. The more people who join FMS, the more creative and better our society can become. To join our society follow the links at the top of the page for membership and also follow us on Facebook, here all information about meetings will be posted.

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