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Welcome to the University of Nottingham's European Union society. European Union... Brexit... hard border... backstop... have your fruit and eat it... no deal... WTO... these are terms you have doubtless seen appearing in the media and the press of late. But what does any of it really mean? 

The European Union society aims to help you understand these obfuscatory and arcane terms... and much more besides... including the culture of the European Union, and practises of it, including legal, political, structural, and much more...!

We may be leaving the 'European Union', but we are certainly  not leaving 'Europe'. We aim to provide a balanced, impartial, and objective overview of all of these things. The society is politically impartial, and our committee members consist of Brexiters and Remainers alike... thereby providing a platform for you to consider your own point of view in an informed manner. 

We aim to do this in a fun, effective, proactive, and constructive manner utilising a wide range of manifold events, ranging from film screenings, to Q&As and interactive debates. We have got events on the line with a range of high-profile speakers and politicians, including Lee Rowley MP, Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, Lilian Greenwood MP, Ben Bradley MP, and many more alike! We also aim to invite Professors and Lectures from the faculty of Law and Social Sciences to explain some more complex theories when required! 

With this and much more in the pipeline for this society in the coming year, we cordially invite you to consider joining! We very much hope that you will join, so that you can grow to understand the European Union and its myriad of internal institutions, and, of course (!)... Brexit (or, more formally, the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union... a little more, and have some fun and make new friends along the way! 

We look forward to meeting you soon! We also encourage you to follow our FaceBook page at to keep up to date with our latest news! 




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Sofia Dagorret
Jiacheng Zhang
Sponsorship Officer
Joshua Aghadiuno
Sports Officer
Jessica Ernestina Milka Vassena
James Harry William Counsell
Vice President
Konstantin Strasser
Carlos Torrado Ortega