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The Environment and Social Justice Network is a collective of societies and individual members with the common interest in furthering sustainability and social justice campaigns both within the University and the greater community. 

We are unique in that we consist of many other societies and student groups, each of whom acts towards their own goals. We exist as a communication and collaboration tool to allow like-minded students and groups to work together and achieve more.

The ESJ Network is responsible for fostering this attitude of co-operation, co-ordination, communication, and collaboration in order to provide an effective platform for change. We achieve this through monthly network meetings, regular socials, joint campaigns, and through organising the annual Sustainability Week events.

The network acts in much the same way as any other society or student group, electing a committee and so on, but the scope is far larger and all of the funding for the network comes directly from the SU. The network is chaired by the cross-campus elected Environment and Social Justice Officer.

Environmental and Social Justice Network



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Environment and Social Justice Officer
Bonni Soe San Jee
Lee Ryan Taylor
Bonni Soe San Jee
Lee Ryan Taylor