Welcome to the English Society!

With socials, trips abroad, networking events and careers talks, English Soc gives you the chance to mix with your coursemates, boost your CV, visit new places and have unforgettable experiences!


Membership is £5 per year.

We are dedicated to making University a collaborative and welcoming community for anyone who is interested in English as a dicipline, language or culture! 


The Social Secretaries for this year have some brilliant nights out and trips for English Soc members planned.  There will be a variety of both daytime and evening events, including coffe mornings, bar crawls, a trip abroad, theatre trips, lecture series and the award-winning University of Nottingham Arts' Ball. Follow our social medias linked below to stay updated!


You don't have to play for the University of Nottingham's BUCS teams or have an expensive gym membership to enjoy the benefits of sport at University. We compete in IMS teams against other societies, and organise fun socials and get-togethers for team bonding - get involved! The English Society Netball and Football teams are continuing to play matches in the IMS League and have training once a week, as well as socials through out the season.


It's important to our society that as well as putting on fun socials and gaining career skills, we are also able to build a supportive and well-rounded community. With our award winning Great Expectations lecture series we aim to support students through both the highs and lows of University life.

We will be hosting coffee mornings, Q+As, lectures and drop-in sessions in order to help you through the tougher times that University can bring about. Whether you're interested in making friends or making connections, the English Society wants to support you! 

Social Media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/uonengsoc/

Instagram: @uonenglishsoc