European Law Students' Association (ELSA) Nottingham

STEP traineeships are an excellent opportunity to undertake work experience in a legal field in a foreign country. These traineeships are very diverse: they are available for students from all education levels, from all jurisdictions and from various language backgrounds. Each STEP traineeship is open to European students outside of the destination country and can last from 2 weeks to 2 years. They are either renumerated or provide accommodation.


Beth Horner

STEP Trainee at Lisievici-Brezeanu Alexandru-Petru Law Office in Constanta, Romania

"As a previous VP STEP, I myself decided to apply for a traineeship and was lucky enough to be selected for a traineeship in a law office in Constanta, Romania. ELSA Constanta welcomed me with open arms and really made a difference to my experience: they worked with me to arrange flights, accommodation and transport, as well as a lively social schedule for the entire time I was there - they sure know how to throw a good beach party!

Aside from all the exploring and new adventures, I was lucky enough to assist a lawyer research for a major money laundering case and I was able to visit the Court of Appeal, the jail and the Prosecutor's Office. It was satisfying to know that I was helping out on a real case, and I had the chance to exchange knowledge about contrasting laws and procedures in our separate countries. My time there was educational and an invaluable practical experience of another legal system – something which not only stands out on paper but really opens your eyes to the different cultures, in a legal sense and otherwise.

I am proud to have represented ELSA Nottingham and would like to thank ELSA Constanta for their hospitality and making the traineeship the best ending to my university experience that I could possibly as for!"


Freya Claydon

STEP Trainee at Gediz University in Izmir, Turkey



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