European Law Students' Association (ELSA) Nottingham

From legal research to linguistic editing, ELSA provides students with a vast number of opportunities to get involved with legal publications; organised on both the national and international level.

ELSA International oversees the publication of annual legal research groups (LRGs), whilst ELSA UK and ELSA Ireland oversee the publication of the Student Comparative and European Law Review (SCELR), both of which are tangible contributions to the international legal community. Similarly, national groups can and sometimes organise smaller scale LRGs which are open to members of other national groups. Internally, the VP Marketing of ELSA International also publishes a magazine, titled 'Synergy', for all members.

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Jessica Allen

ELSA UK National Coordinator for the International Legal Research Group on Migration Law in collaboration with the Council of Europe (2016-17)

ELSA Lyon Executive Linguistic Editor for the Multilateral Legal Research Group on Tax Planning (2015-16)

Contributor to 'Synergy' and the 'ELSA International Focus Programme (IFP) Almanac: Media Law' 

"In 2016, ELSA Nottingham's founding local board was honoured to provide linguistic assistance for the submission of ELSA Lyon to the Multilateral Legal Research Group on Tax Planning. Following the resignation of their appointed linguistic editor, I was asked by my contacts in France to step in. Having done a lot of editing before, I was happy to be able to involve the rest of the board to share the workload. It was an excellent opportunity to exercise our legal skills, to learn and to develop links with other law schools!

Another famous legal publication in the network is Synergy - the magazine of ELSA International. Perhaps more accessible than LRGs, the VP Marketing opens a call for submissions from any and all students in the network before each biannual edition. After participating in a delegation to the Council of Europe, I was thrilled to contribute an article/report with two of my fellow delegates from Italy and Spain about our experiences and to see my name in print!"


Megan Jameson

ELSA UK Researcher for the International Legal Research Group on Migration Law in collaboration with the Council of Europe (2016-17)

"The Legal Research Group on Migration Law was the first time I had taken part in ELSA activities. I am really glad that in my fourth and final year I took the opportunity to be involved in such an exciting and important project.

The topic of this year's LRG, migration, was the main reason I was so keen to be involved. It was interesting, but also extremely relevant to the world we live in today. I am seriously considering pursuing a career in the field of human rights and international law. It was great, therefore, that ELSA gave me the opportunity to work on a project that has real meaning and can have a tangible impact on current issues, whilst also providing me with experience in this field.

Further still, conducting the research for the LRG allowed me to develop and refine key research and analytical skills. This was especially true as I received guidance on my work from a migration law expert. I would thoroughly recommend applying to take part in next year's LRG!"


Lydia Leather

ELSA UK Reseacher for the International Legal Research Group on the Protection of Journalistic Sources in collaboration with the Council of Europe (2015-16)

"The legal research group was a great opportunity to research independently on a topic typically uncovered by your studies. The best part is having your work published!"


Carrie Elkington

ELSA UK Linguistic Editor for the International Legal Research Group on Labour Law in collaboration with International Labour Organization (2015-16)

"Involvement in ELSA offers a unique opportunity to develop your personal legal interests, to develop your professional skill-set and to network with other law students across Europe. It really is quite unlike any other society on campus!"



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