European Law Students' Association (ELSA) Nottingham


Throughout the year, ELSA hosts various internal events for the international network.

ELSA International leads biannual International Council Meetings (ICMs) where 300-400 students from throughout Europe meet to discuss statutes, projects, proposals and the International Board (IB) elections. The programme is composed of workshops, run throughout the week in the various areas by the respective IB member, and plenary sessions. Better yet, this week-long programme has a full social programme to ease the stresses of ELSA work and to encourage cultural exchange. Delegations are organised by each national group upon application.

In addition, each national group organises biannual National Council Meetings (NCMs) for a shorter duration - usually over a weekend. These follow a similar format to the ICM but on a much smaller scale. Some NCMs are also open to international delegates who can participate in a fun sightseeing programme in the destination city. In April 2016, ELSA Nottingham proudly hosted the NCM of ELSA UK with international delegates from ELSA Ireland and the IB in attendance.

Other events, however, are purely social; notably, the ELSA House welcomes members for the transition BBQ in summer and the Christmas Cocktails in winter.



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Daniel Parkin
Secretary General
Adam Gallagher
The Refugee Project (Director)
Diarmaid James Ó Cuanacháin
Kaushik Madhav Kuralla
VP for Academic Activities
Justin Tin Long Li
VP for Seminars & Conferences
Sophie Marie Lee Arias
VP Marketing
Edwin John
Lianne Suleiman