European Law Students' Association (ELSA) Nottingham

Nominations for this year are currently closed. The Nominations for the new committee will be opened ahead of our 2020 AGM. 

There are 8 positions in an ELSA Committe.

President, Secretary General and Treasurer are electable positions, whereas the rest are carried out by interview.

- President, Secretary General, or Treasurer:
- Vice President for Marketing:
- Vice President for Academic Acivities and Moot Courts:
- Vice President for Seminars and Conferences:
- Vice President for STEP:
- Director of the Refugee Project:

Role descriptions can be found below and further information is available on

PRESIDENT (Board Management, External Relations, Expansion)
The president is in charge for the overall coordination of the Committee’s activities, and exercises control over the execution of the activities planned by the Committee. The president aims to establish good relations between committee members, and to resolve any potential conflicts. They lead committee meetings and approve of the meetings’ minutes. In addition, the president is responsible for all external relations of the society (e.g. ELSA UK, the University, law firms etc.). 

SECRETARY GENERAL (Internal Management)
The secretary general is in charge of directing, organising and maintaining the internal structure of the society, and ensures that decisions taken by the Committee are implemented and respected. They act in place of the president when necessary. Is responsible for organising committee meetings, and taking minutes of these minutes. Helps the committee with the planning and facilitating events, and also organises social events. In addition, maintains relations with the SU and makes sure that all required regulations are respected, and all necessary forms are handed in properly and in time. 

TREASURER (Financial Management) 
The treasurer is responsible for the financial management of the society (payments, sponsorships, etc.). (S)he is in charge of billing and colleting any fees due to the society from members or third parties. Aims to secure sponsorship for the society’s annual activities, as well as for specific occasions. Needs to be going into their 2nd year. 

Is in charge of planning guided academic events to help members develop their legal knowledge and skills. Organises trips of an academic nature to national and international locations. Supervises ELSA Nottingham’s involvement in international Moot Court competitions (conducts interviews to select a team, acts as a coach, etc.) as well as other external and internal academic events. (S)he can design and implement any plans with the aim of developing the member’s academic interests and various skills – these may include organising negotiation competitions, promoting ELSA Law Review, establishing essay competitions.

VP FOR STEP (Student Traineeship Exchange Programme)
Collaborates with the University’s Law School’s Careers and Employability representatives to support all of the members’ career needs. Is responsible for the planning, co-ordination and supervision of any internship opportunities in and around Nottingham. Helps members with their STEP applications and consequently is in charge of approving them.

Responsible for the organisation of seminars, conferences, and lectures – these responsibilities include designing the programme of the given event, approaching and inviting speakers and making sure they are accommodated for. VP S&C is also in charge of organising the annual thematic ELSA Day. Furthermore, (s)he assists students in applying to summer schools organised by ELSA International. 

Responsible for publicising all events that the society carries out or takes part in. In addition, takes care of acquiring and distributing the society’s merchandise. Updates the society’s social media accounts and sends out weekly newsletter to inform members of upcoming events. Is responsible for designing all promotional material in line with the ELSA UK guidelines.



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Daniel Parkin
Secretary General
Adam Gallagher
The Refugee Project (Director)
Diarmaid James Ó Cuanacháin
Kaushik Madhav Kuralla
VP for Academic Activities
Justin Tin Long Li
VP for Seminars & Conferences
Sophie Marie Lee Arias
VP Marketing
Edwin John
Lianne Suleiman