European Law Students' Association (ELSA) Nottingham

Local Board 2019-20


- President: Daniel Parkin
- Secretary General: Adam Gallagher
- Treasurer: Kaush Kuralla 
- VP for AA: Justin Li
- VP for S&C: Sophie Arias
- VP for STEP: Lianne Suleiman
- VP for Marketing: Edwin Morris John 
- Director for the Refugee Project: Diarmaid O Cuanachain

Local Board 2018-19


- President: Agata Daszko 
- Secretary General: Eva Leban
- Treasurer: Dilara Devin
- VP for AA: Anna Tobutt
- VP for S&C: Gregores Phylaktou 
- VP for STEP: Zoe Yerolemou
- VP for Marketing: Neely Middleton 
- Director for the Refugee Project: Roel Walravens


- ELSA: Most distinguished VP for Marketing Neely Middleton

- ELSA: Most distinguished VP for Seminars & Conferences Gregores Phylaktou

- ELSA: Most distinguished Treasurer Dilara Devin

- ELSA: Outstanding local group 2019

Local Board 2017-18


- President: Mark Dawson
- Secretary General: Evania D'Souza
- Treasurer: Dominic Beirne
- VP for Academic Activities: Jessica Obimbo
- VP for Seminars & Conferences: Rochelle Ampomah
- VP for STEP: Misbah Qamar
- VP for Marketing: Dexanne Balana
- Director for the Refugee Project: Daniel Parkin
- Director for Internal Management: Eleanor Finlay


- 'Best Charitable Initiative' Award at the Students' Union Societies Awards 2018

Local Board 2016-17


Left to Right
- Director for the Refugee Project: Agata Daszko
- Treasurer: Evania D'Souza
- VP for Marketing: Beverly Tran
- Co-Founder/President: Jessica Allen
- VP for STEP: Sarah Davenport
- Director for STEP: Collette Bunce
- Secretary General: Carrie Elkington
- VP for Seminars & Conferences: Nicholas Barnett
- VP for Academic Activities: Freya Cassia


- 'Most Active Local Group' Award at the Annual ELSA UK Awards 2017
- Highly Commended for 'Best Charitable Initiative' Award at the Students' Union Societies Awards 2017
- Gold Award Society 

Founding Local Board 2015-16


Left to Right
- Vice President for Academic Activities: Charlotte Ng Ting
- Co-President: Freya Claydon
- General Director: Nicholas Barnett
- VP for STEP: Beth Horner
- Co-President: Jessica Allen
- VP for Marketing: Carrie Elkington
- VP for Seminars & Conferences: Ryan Bagnall
- Secretary General: Frank Oxley
- Treasurer: Ella Vries


- Highly Commended for 'Best Newcomer' in the Students' Union Societies Awards 2016



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Daniel Parkin
Secretary General
Adam Gallagher
The Refugee Project (Director)
Diarmaid James Ó Cuanacháin
Kaushik Madhav Kuralla
VP for Academic Activities
Justin Tin Long Li
VP for Seminars & Conferences
Sophie Marie Lee Arias
VP Marketing
Edwin John
Lianne Suleiman